1.9 / April 21, 2018
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Archer Zombie Hunter is best 3D game of Apocalyptic Zombie Killingavailable in the android play store. Archer Zombie Hunt gives youfeeling of world of undead and in this world of undead you have todefend yourself by killing all the zombies. In this ApocalypticZombie world you are all alone with no friends to protect you, soyour friend is only and only your weapon your bow and arrows andyou are the Archer. Archer Zombie Hunt will give you the bestapocalyptic, horror, fearful and terrifying 3D environment. Hereyou need to train yourself and get archery skills to use yourweapon flawlessly and with great skills. In this apocalypticenvironment of Archer Zombie Hunt you have to be master hunter tohunt all the zombies to protect yourself. If you stay alive you ownthe world else you earn painful death.★★★★★ STORY OF GAME ★★★★★Youare alone archer in the apocalyptic Zombie world and to stay aliveyou need to protect yourself from deadly zombies. Your only friendyour weapon will help you to protect from zombies. Use your Archeryskills flawlessly and skill fully. Launch your arrows by using yourbow to hit and kill zombies. You need to kill all zombies to stayalive.★★★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★★★1.Great Apocalyptic 3D Environmentsand Objects.2.Very friendly and simple Game Control.3.AvatarSelection male/female.4.25 Challenging Game levels.5.Awesome GameGraphics and Game Play.6.Highly Addictive Game.7.Best ZombieHunting Game.8.Available in PLAY STORE for FREE.★★★★★ GAME PLAY★★★★★1.Select your desired avatar male or female.2.Select gamelevel, complete game level to unlock next.3.Swipe on screen to aimZombie.4.Tap on Bow/Arrow button on screen to launch arrow afteraiming the zombie to hit and kill him.For any suggestion/feedbackfeel free to contact us at [email protected] us onfacebook : www.facebook.com/xertzgamestudioVisit "Xertz GameStudio" official blog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.comVisit"Xertz Game Studio" official website : www.xertzgamestudio.com

App Information Archer Zombies Hunt 3d

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    Archer Zombies Hunt 3d
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    April 21, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Xertz - Play Free Games
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    Umar Street, House # 11, Model Town Link Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Postal Code : 54000
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Fueled by the next generation technology King of Fatal Combatcombines unparalleled cinematic presentation with dynamic gameplayto create an unprecedented combat experience. With all new gameplayto deliver the most brutal combat experience that launches playersinto a persistent contest, where every fight matters in a battlefor supermacy. King of Fatal Combat gives players the ability tochoose between multiple variations of each character, 4 male (Ryan,Boogie, D’jango & Rio) and 4 female (Marilyn, Jane Doe,Merciless & Mathira) fighters impacting both strategy andfighting style. Players step into an original story showcasing someof the most prolific characters such as Ryan and Mathira, whileintroducing new challengers that represent the forces of good andevil and tie the tale together.King of Fatal Combat is best combatgame in market. King of Fatal Combat is action game of fighting.Fight for your dignity. King of Fatal combat support 1-on-1 fight.Select your character and opponent character to fight with. Thereare no rules in the fight, only rule is fight till your last breathto kill your enemy. If you failed to dominate, opponent will killyou and you will lose your dignity. Prove your fighting skills,survive and protect your dignity.Game Modes:King of Fatal Combatprovides 3 Combat battle modes.1.Quick Mode2.Training Mode3.StoryModeQuick Mode:Quick Mode is 1-on-1 combat battle mode. Select yourcharacter and opponent character to fight with. Quick mode battleis consist of 3 maximum levels. If you win 2 levels consecutivelyyou will declared as winner.Training Mode:In training mode you willget training of combat warrior. In this mode your will trydifferent combinations of kicks and punches. So that you can applythese combo’s in Combat Battle. By using these combo’s you candominate on your opponent and kill him to death.Story Mode:In thismode you have to defeat all the rival combat warriors to save yourrank and dignity as a Combat warrior. Note: Story Mode is disabledin this version. It will be available very soon.Features:King ofFatal Combat is loaded with following features.1.Five differentcombat battle environments. You can choose your desired fightingarena for combat battle. a.Forbidden City b.Shaolin Temple c.DragonCave d.Hallstatt Medievil e.Dark Prison2.Best combat battlecontrol.3.Fatal Fight gaming physics.4.Best Fighter characters, 4male and 4 female characters.5.Training Mode to learn fatal combosto defeat your rival combat fighter.How to Play:Select your desiredgaming mode of King of Fatal Combat. Choose your fighter andopponent fighter to fight with. Select your desired fighting arenafor fatal combat battle. Fight begins!! Use different combinationsof kicks and punches and produce fatal combos to dominate yourrival combat fighter. Hit your opponent, fight with him till thelast breathe, try to dominate and kill him by showing fatal combatwarrior combos. And become a King of Fatal Combat. EnjoyFor anysuggestion/feedback feel free to contact usat [email protected] us on facebook :www.facebook.com/xertzgamestudioVisit "Xertz Game Studio" officialblog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.comVisit "Xertz GameStudio" official website : www.xertzgamestudio.com
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Bhabhi Thulla Hearts Online is a great game for cards lovers.Hearts Ace Bhabhi Thulla is very addictive and cards lovingmultiplayer game. You can play against online users now! Or caninvite your facebook friends to play bhabhi thulla heats Acesonline live , Get Away, is a popular Asian card game mostly playedin asian countries it is a adictive and interesting card game. -Bhabhi Thulla Hearts Multiplayer game will give you 50,000 Chips asa starting bonus. - Bhabhi Thulla Hearts Multiplayer game provides5,000 Chips on watching video Ad. Bhabhi Thulla Hearts Onlinedemands player's proper atttention and present mindedness. in thisgame player has to remember the card suits played in each turn andthe thullas if given to some player. Commonly played inPakistan,India,Bangladesh,England and United States of America. Themajor aim to GET AWAY by playing all cards. And the Looser will bethe one who will fail to get away his/her cards and remain holdingcards. In Pakistan,India and Bangladesh game used to call asBHABHI. While in European or rest of the world game is known as GETAWAY. Hearts Ace Bhabhi Thulla is a complete game it will surelymake you addictive because of its huge amount of challenges. CoolGame Features: ** Play online with your friends ** Play with BhabhiThulla Hearts Ace online users ** User Friendly Graphical UserInterface ** Fast Chat feature ** Smoothly works on 2G, 3G and WiFiconnections ** Great betting fun with no real money involved **In-app Purchases Winning Rule: The one who GET AWAY from all hiscards will be the winner. And the one who will fail to get awayfrom others will be a looser and commonly known as “BHABHI” HeartsAce Bhabhi Thulla is very captivating,super deluxe cards game. Itsa South Asian traditional game. BHABHI means one’s Brother wife.BHABHI is a HINDI/URDU word. Play and let your friends and familyplay this game and challenge your friend to win the pro mode BhabhiThulla Hearts Multiplayer online involve you in betting of virtualChips with no real money involved. For any suggestion/feedback feelfree to contact us at [email protected] Join us onfacebook : www.facebook.com/xertzgamestudio Visit "Xertz GameStudio" official blog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.com Visit"Xertz Game Studio" official website : www.xertzgamestudio.com
Real 3d Basketball : Full Game 1.6 APK
Real 3D Basketball is a game of perfectly tuned physics with realenvironment based on user skills & with awesome opponent Ai.Standard game Scoring and standard game rules applied.Real 3DBasketball is a complete game for every kind of users varies agesto ages.Real 3D Basketball consists of 14 most best & top teamsof basketball in world. You can choose one of them for yourself andcan play against any team.14 teams are:- United State of America-Spain- Argentina- Lithuania- France- England- Greece- Brazil-Germany- Mexico- China- Turkey- Russia- AustraliaGame Features:-Real 3D Basketball consist of great game features- Total time is180 seconds- Both team will try to get 2 or 3 points baskets- Thebest team will win the match- Best Joystick to handle players-Automatically ball snatching control- 14 Best basketball teams inworldHow To Play:Tap on pass button to pass the ball.Tap on throwbutton to score baskets.Control joystick to dribble or to pass.Playand let your friends and family play this game and challenge yourfriend with your highest score.For any suggestion/feedback feelfree to contact us at [email protected] us onfacebook : www.facebook.com/xertzgamestudioVisit "Xertz GameStudio" official blog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.comVisit"Xertz Game Studio" official website : www.xertzgamestudio.com
Rung Card Game : Court Piece 1.7 APK
The online Rung Card Game hokm Court Piece is one of the mostpopular tash games played worldwide. Rung is Now available onlineas an Android Game which constituent of 4 players as team of twoplayers each. Your Main objective is to Score maximum Rung tricksto win the hokm game and the Looser will be the team one who willfail to score maximum tricks. Rung Card Game Court Peace is anExciting online Tash game for cards lovers like you, hokm willsurely make you addictive because of its interesting and excitingonline gameplay. In hokm, Trump suit is selected at the beginningof the game. Trump suit is used to keep you senior in hokm RangCard Game Court Piece. Rung game is Double trick Ser version withIntelligent bot players to play just like human rung players whichmakes the hokm Rung game challenging and interesting. Rung CardCourt Peace demands player's proper atttention to the tricks or sarplayed by the opponent team players, to calculate the remainingcards in hand to be played ,in order to maintain seniority. In RungCard hokm Juego you have to be present minded, remember played cardsuits and keep track of every sar. This increases run-time decisionmaking and is a complete game will surely make you addictive. RungGame was originated in Iran, India and Pakistan where it is knownunder several names as Coat/Court Piece, Rang (Rung), troef or hokm(Persian). Court, coat or kot apparently stands for the achievementin the game, and pees is a Hindi word for to deal. The game ispopular amongst the Gujarati diaspora, particularly in East Africa,Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, England, USA, UK and Canada.Immigrants from the Indian subcontinent brought the game toSuriname and Guyana, where it is known as troefcall "trumps call",a mixture of Dutch and English t'rup chaal From Suriname it foundits way to the Netherlands. Under the name hokm (Persian, trumps)it is very popular in Iran. Game Features: -------------- GreatGraphics. Great Sound effects. Advanced Rung AI. Deluxe Game.Download now online hokm Rung Card Game and play the best SouthAsian traditional Rung Court Peace Card Game anywhere you want toplay .Now available for android mobile phones and tablets for free!Enjoy great experience of playing online Rung Card Game withchallenging AI, improve your hokm Court Piece skills. The one whowill earn maximum tricks will be the winner. And the one who willfail to get minimum 7 tricks will be a looser. For anysuggestion/feedback feel free to contact us [email protected] Join us on facebook :www.facebook.com/xertzgamestudio Visit "Xertz Game Studio" officialblog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.com Visit "Xertz GameStudio" official website : www.xertzgamestudio.com
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Teen Patti Multiplayer online is the most thrilling card game foryour Android devices with Millions of real Players and friendsacross the globe. . You can play Teen Patti Multiplayer online in2D and 3D view anywhere anytime with your facebook friends and realPlayers. Teen Patti Multiplayer will give you 1,00,000 Chips as astarting bonus more than any other game also Get the highest dailybonuses! Teen Patti online Multiplayer is known as Indian Poker,Flush, Flash Flash or Flush in Asia. players bet on cards in hand.There are two ways to bet chips — BLIND and CHAAL. At the end ofthe game, the player with the highest card ranking wins all thechips that have been used for betting. Winning depends on your cardSuits and moves. Feeling lucky? Try out your luck on our DeluxeTeen Patti Multiplayer online! prove your pro teenpatti skills! Inshort, you'll love this game as it is the top online free TeenPatti Multiplayer game. This game is highly amusing, does notinvolve real money gambling or any opportunity to win real money.In 3D mode you wil have a real casino view of the Game like playerssitting on the tables in casino Game Room.You can send shortMessages within game and can send funny gifts to fellow gameplayers to make the game more interesting. - Teen Patti Multiplayerawards online user 30,000 Chips as Daily Bonus. - Teen PattiMultiplayer awards 5,000 Chips on watching online video Ad. CoolGame Features:- - 2D/3D Mode. - Play online with your friends andonline users. - User Friendly Graphical User Interface. - Fast Chatfeature. - Smoothly works on 2G, 3G and WiFi connections. - Greatbetting fun with No real money involved. - In-app Purchases. EachTeen Patti table Serves upto 5 players online so Invite yourfacebook Friends & Family to Play Poker. Teen PattiMultiplayer's varients are Joker, Hukam, Muflis, AI and PrivateTables. - Joker : Out of 3 cards one will be joker that will adjustaccording to your cards sequence in order to make it a high pairnearest to win. - Muflis : User with lowest card ranking isdeclared as winner. - Hukam : In Hukam, number will convert to ajoker and will perform same as joker mode. - Private Table : TeenPatti Multiplayer gives you privacy to play with your friendsprivately by creating private table. In which, no other onlineplayer allowed. - Play with Ai : In Ai mode you will play againstmost efficient artificial Intelligent Computer to improve yourskills. For any suggestion/feedback feel free to contact us [email protected] Join us on facebook :www.facebook.com/xertzgamestudio Visit "Xertz Game Studio" officialblog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.com Visit "Xertz GameStudio" official website : www.xertzgamestudio.com
Counter Surgical Strike 1.3 APK
Background Scene:There was a time when armed forces were meant toprotect their homeland and sovereignty of the nation. They can putevil into the cascade of death and deploy world peace at any timeand at any cost. But now a days, the world policies are changed.The race to capture resources of other countries by super powersbecame the main agenda. And, in this chaos, they forgot what armedforces were meant for. They put covert operations into any countrywhich had natural resources and the very same armed forces whichwere designed to protect the people, started killing innocentcivilians in the name of "Freedom". There is a natural law, onething opposed to another, it gets "Resistance". That is the reason,a person or a group of people started resisting and opposing thissystem and said "NO" to give-up and started their journey for"Freedom". They started counter surgical strikes within theircountry to protect their families at any cost. And in thosestrikes, they started to attack on the bases which armed forcescaptured in their country.Game Modes:1. NS Black Site Miami2. SanAndreas Zero Ground3. MI HQ Manhattan4. Zone of AlienationLondonDetail of Game Modes:1. NS Black Site MiamiThe forces tookoil rigged site and made it as the primary site in Miami. Theresistance deployed there to free the site and eliminate each andevery threat which is on board. After this, resistance can monitorMiami area easily. Total numbers of levels in this mission are 8.2. San Andreas Zero GroundThe popular site in San Andreas. Whichwas 50% demolished by the forces. So in response of it, TheOperation Zero Ground is started by the resistance and the site ofSan Andreas should be cleared from the forces at any cost. Totalnumbers of levels in this mission are 5.3. MI HQ ManhattanAfter theinfiltration in the country. The forces captured the MI HeadQuarter in Manhattan and created their own network links tocommunicate with their soldiers. The resistance has to attack on HQin Manhattan and eliminate forces to regain the communicationscapabilities to connect with other resistance. Total numbers oflevels in this mission are 7.4. Zone of Alienation LondonAfter 20years of tragic nuclear incident in London. The forces tookadvantage and made London as their primary base. The Operationstarted by resistance as the name called "Zone of Alienation" tocarry out forces and eliminate them from London. Total numbers oflevels in this mission are 6.Game Controls:The Controls are workingon MultiTouch in which user can use multiple buttons at the sametime.The Controls include a joystick in which user can move in theGame Play easily. Others button which are included are mentionedbelow:1. Fire button2. Zoom Button3. Reload Button4. Switch WeaponButton 5. Jump buttonThere are multiple weapons with limited ammosare available to play. Hit switch weapon button and enjoy differenttypes of weapons.Note: For better understanding, there is a helpmenu in Game. You can refer it from there.For anysuggestion/feedback feel free to contact us [email protected] us on facebook :www.facebook.com/xertzgamestudioVisit "Xertz Game Studio" officialblog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.comVisit "Xertz Game Studio"official website : www.xertzgamestudio.com
Real Car Racing Fever 1.2 APK
Real Car Racing Fever is the best Android arcade racing gameavailable in the Play Store Market. Feel the real experience of carracing with best asphalt racing tracks. Top Free Car Racing is bestin rivalry car racing. You will compete against 3 rival cars in theracing track. Top Free Car Racing gives you the best asphalt racingtracks in real and thrilling environments. It will give you theadventurous experience of racing track battle. Enjoy your carracing skills with perfectly tuned car control physics. Select yourdesired car to start your real racing experience. Top Free CarRacing provides your four different cars to play with. Each car isdifferent in car controlling physics. Get the experience of racingwith all available cars. Beat your rival with Turbo Car Racingexperience on real asphalt racing tracks in best racingenvironment.Game Modes:Real Car Racing Fever has three thrillinggaming modes.1. Time Attack2. Sprint 3. CircuitTime Attack:In thismode you need to reach the check point in 20 seconds limit. Soonyou reach the check point your time will be increased by 20seconds. In time attack mode you need to stay focus with timeparameter to win. Use your driving controls and racing experienceprecisely . If you fail to reach check point in time you will loseas game will over. Sprint:In this mode you will compete with 3rival cars. They challenge you for one lap battle on your favoriteasphalt track. You need to show your speed and control on your carto win this challenge. Be a speed racer and enjoy turbo speedracing challenges.Circuit:You have challenge of three laps in thismode. Feel the heat of car racing and show your thrilling skills ofspeed driver to beat your rivals with your control and turbo speed.Show your controls with best use of asphalt track to win thismode.Game Environment:Real Car Racing Fever provides you real andbest racing environment with asphalt tracks. These environmentsgive you real feel of exciting speed racing.1.Winterfell Highway:Feel the real experience of turbo speed pursuit driving inthrilling environment of winterfell highway.2.Sandy Highway: SandyHighway will give you the best experience of asphalt track carracing in adventurous environment of desert.3.Breeze Valley: Enjoythe exciting experience of racing in Breeze Valley environment witheye catching scenes.Game Control:Real Car Racing Fever is loadedwith perfect car controls to give you real feelings of speedracing. Control your car like a speed racer. Steering is controlledby accelerometer. Use your device like a steering to get the realfeel of car driving. Below mentioned features will help you tocontrol and drive with speed like real speed racer.1.AccelerationButton2.Reverse Button 3.Hand-Brake Button4.NOS ButtonSo, let’sride to feel the real heat and excitement of speed racing with RealCar Racing FeverNote: For better understanding, there is a helpmenu in Game. You can refer it from there.For anysuggestion/feedback about "Real Car Racing Fever" feel free tocontact us at [email protected] us on facebook :www.facebook.com/xertzgamestudioVisit "Xertz Game Studio" officialblog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.comVisit "Xertz GameStudio" official website : www.xertzgamestudio.com
Animal Hunter Archery Quest 1.2 APK
Feel the excitement and adventure of real hunting with AnimalHunter Archery Quest. Show your expertise with bow and arrow foranimal hunting quest. Bring forth your hidden Robinhood Skills toHunt wild animals. Animal Hunter Archery Quest is bow arrow animalhunting game which takes you to the real jungle environment andprovides you a chance to feel the real and exciting adventure ofwild animal hunting. You will face almost all kind of jungle beastsand animals. You need to hunt all of them. You also need to huntwildly beasts to save yourself because few of them will attack youto taste your fresh flesh to kill their hunger.Game Story:Philipsand Maya are expert bow arrow archers. They have started theirquest of wild animal hunting in a valley jungle and desert. Usetheir bow arrow archery skills expertly to hunt wild animals. Usetheir real hunter skills to hunt Rabbit, Wolf, Boar, Bear, Stag,Zebra, Elephant, Hippo, Rhino and other wild animals. You also needto save them from wild beasts while hunting because they willattack on Philips/Maya to taste their blood and to eat their flesh.Game Play:You need to complete the given task of each mission tounlock the next mission. You will face different wild animalhunting tasks in each mission. You need to show your expertise asbow arrow hunter to hunt wild animal in given time. You also needto prove yourself archery master hunter by hunting all the wildbeasts to save your life. Game Features:1. More than 20 adventurousHunting Missions.2. Avatar Selection.3. Real Environments with realanimals.4. Real Game Graphics and Controls.5. Free to play.GameControls:Animal Hunter Archery Quest is loaded with MultiTouch gamecontrols. Navigate your character by using navigation button onscreen. Locate animals by moving round, move toward animal and aimthe animal from safe distance by touching on screen. After locatingand aiming animal release arrow by using hit (bow, arrow)button.For any suggestion/feedback feel free to contact us [email protected] us on facebook :www.facebook.com/xertzgamestudioVisit "Xertz Game Studio" officialblog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.comVisit "Xertz Game Studio"official website : www.xertzgamestudio.com