1.0.3 / September 23, 2016
(3.6/5) (467)


EXAVA's α test has started!

EXAVA is an online action battle game
and a spin off of AVABEL ONLINE.
Battles last for 3 minutes and you can challenge players from allover the world!

Please note that any α test's data won't be transferred to theofficial release version.
Please read the the user's agreement before playing the game.

▼minimum OS requirements
Android 4.0

▼How to start
Go to the application store, type EXAVA
and download it.

▼α test data
Any data from the α test will be deleted
at the end of the α test.
Any data from the α test might be deleted during the
α test without notice should we deem it necessary.

Micro transaction
▼There won't be any micro transaction available during the αtest.

Please use our contact form from the FAQ section for any feedbackor technical issue.

There might be some maintenance during the α test.

▼α test duration
From the 15th of September to the end of October (expected)

-Available on your smartphone!
EXAVA is a PVP spin off of AVABEL ONLINE!

-Easy matching!
Tap one button and join the battle!
A battle lasts 3 minutes. Play anytime anywhere!

-Hold your phone on portrait or landscape!
An assisted mode is available for those not familiar with actiongames.
Playable on either portrait or landscape mode!

-3 vs 3 team battles with your characters!
Build your best team
with 3 main and 2 backup characters!

Title: EXAVA
Genre: action battle

-OS minimum specs
Android 4.0

EXAVA might not run properly or not run at all if there is noenough available space on your device.
EXAVA might not run properly or not run at all if there are otherapplications running at the same time.
This application is meant to run online only.
A lot of data will be download during the first launching of theapplication. Please make sure that you have a good networkcoverage.

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  • 1.0.3 (103) - Latest Version
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    Publish Date: 2017 /5/7
    Requires Android: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 14)
    File Size: 45.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API: 24)
    File Sha1: 61a443114d03f9becad325ff353b87eb73e2fc89
    APK Signature: 4e34b60a9921448603ed04d2910b1a65286579c4

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Let's fight with Ninjutsu!You are a ninja from today!"Charactersare designed by Takashi Okazaki best known for Afro Samurai.Fullscale role playing game with over 100 quests each with great volumecan be enjoyed.Pick your class from Assassin, Mage, Cleric orWarrior and enjoy the world of ninja action!"◆Breathtaking actionswith the best graphics: Storyline quests!Over 100 storyline questsawait you in your adventure. Travel through the world meetingunique characters, that will help you and betray you at times. Asyou proceed on your journey, time will come for you to seek themysteries of the world, confronting heavy decision makings.◆Classesand skills to enhance your battle experience!Players can choosefrom the following 4 classes. Each class has its original skillswith numerous combinations to expand how you battle. Team up withother players online to enhance your battleexperience.◇ASSASSIN"Trick enemies with attacks, speed andskills.Special Action: Dodge"◇CLERIC"Heals teammates' LIFESpecialAction: Barrier"◇MAGE"Attack enemies with destructiveNinjutsu.Special Action: Charge"◇WARRIOR"Tough as a tank. Secureteammates' safety by taking enemy attacks.Special Action:Guard"◆Story of IZANAGI OnlineFrom the Civilization Charter, strictrules lay down in the Fifth Continent.Due to the rapid increase ofmonsters,people's life fields became overwhelmingly narrowed.Onesthat can use ninjutsu, known as ninjas that were working secretlyin the underworld,are now called on for the mainstream jobs such ascarrying goods, securing VIPs, and defeating monsters.With the topleaders of ninjas called the Great Four (G4),the ninjas are nowsent off to each land.To prepare for the upcoming battles withmonsters in the far away land not yet known,the ninjas werefocusing on with their training.◆Developed using the "UNREAL ENGINE3"Real textures and high-definition graphics using the "UNREALENGINE 3". Experience the never before seen beautiful worlds onyour smartphone.----------------------NOTES-This game is for onlineplay only. WiFi connection will be required for some devices.-Theperformance speed may differ depending on the device you areusing.-Depending on the network environment and emergencymaintenances, you may not be able to connect to the game.-Pleaseplay the game with good manners for other players to enjoy thegame.----------------------NOTESFor requests or bug contacts pleasecontact us from the contact form in the officialwebsite.http://en.izanagi.com/contact/?from=googleplay*Replies willbe done from the orders received.*You cannot play the game withouta SD card or with a SD card without enough space.*Initial launchwill require data downloads, be sure to launch the app in anenvironment with stable connections.----------------------CUSTOMERSUPPORTReplies for your contacts will be done during 11:00AM to6:00PM (JST) excluding weekends andholidays.----------------------SERVER MONITORINGServer monitoringwill be performed on the same hours as contacts, 11:00AM to 6:00PM(JST) excluding weekends and holidays. Please note that additionaltime may be required to restore servers when servers are downoutside the period above.Thank you in advance for yourunderstanding.----------------------HOW TO START THE GAMEAfter youhave read and understood the TERMS OF USE, PENALTY POLICY, andPRIVACY POLICY in the IZANAGI Official Site, please download theAPP tapping the banner "Download APP ForFREE".----------------------HOW TO TRANSFER CHARACTERS BETWEENANDROID DEVICESIZANAGI Online for Android will authenticate usingyour "Google ID (Google Account)". - Synchronizing to a new Androiddevice upon device transfers - Account restorations due to devicerepairs and exchanges, or initializing the device upon devicetroubles.You can transfer your account information including theabove issues by setting your Google account to your Android device.
RPG Toram Online 3.2.57 APK
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★Popular RPG hitting 10 million downloads worldwide! - Unrestrictedcharacter creations! With more than 80 billion combinationsavailable, feel free to create your own character to your liking! -Sword? Magic? Anything you like! "Profession", which is often thecase with RPG, does not exist in Toram. Sword? (Magic) Staff? Bow?Halberd? Feel free to decide your own fighting style! - Build &Train your character to your heart's content! Equipped with a"Skill Tree" system enabling players to enhance and strengthentheir characters as they wish. Create combos and discover your ownbattle style! - Changeable weapons and equipment color! You cancolor your favorite weapon with the color you like when you obtainequipment with a "Color Info"! Moreover, you can freely create theabilities of your equipment as you proceed further with thegame...! - Go on an adventure with your friends across the country!RPG (MMORPG) that can be played and connects you with your friendsonline across the country! The powerful monster that you fail tobeat on your own could possibly be knocked down by forming a partywith your friends! Let's explore the vast and beautiful 3D worldwith many friends! - Party play even by yourself! You can evenenjoy party play when you are playing alone by borrowing andbattling together with other player's character known as"mercenary" or by summoning a "partner" from your ownsub-characters! 【Story Setting】 Decades ago, the world was hit by adevastating catastrophe, crumbling the ground into pieces. The godsquickly gathered the pieces scattered in all directions andhurriedly put them together. The result, a bizarre looking worldresembling a mosaic. The nation that was originally there hadceased to exist. As a result of repeated clashes of principles andinterests among the 4 tribes, the people split into 4 factions. Atsuch times, an adventurer (you) came to this peculiar world. Theadventurer (you) goes through a series of adventures while meetingvarious people belonging to the 4 factions in the world to confrontthe secretly proliferating mysteries behind it...... 【Game Outline】Title: Toram Online - Departure from Iruna - Genre: MMORPG withcomplete freedom Recommended Requirements OS: Android 6 or higherSoC (CPU): Snapdragon 425 / 652 / 820 or higher RAM: 3GB or moreInternet Connection: Wi-Fi (ADSL10Mbps or more) *We cannotguarantee that the app runs on the devices that are not supportedby manufacturers or retailers even if they meet the recommendedrequirements. *We cannot guarantee that the app runs if you areusing the apps that are not supported by manufacturers or retailerson your device. *We cannot guarantee that the app runs if you areusing the apps that root your device. *We cannot guarantee that theapp runs if you are using emulated environment. *We cannotguarantee that the app runs if it is not installed in the internalstorage on your device. *Only the Android devices with SoC (CPU) ofSnapdragon series from Qualcomm Inc. are supported. The app may notwork correctly on the devices except above. *SAMSUNG Galaxy seriesare not supported due to the unfixable screen glitches that occuron these devices. *More amount of RAM stated in the recommendedrequirements can be needed depending on the resolution of yourdevice. *The Operation Systems released as beta version are notsupported. ■Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/toram.jp Please goto "Contact Us" in the app in order to submit a request or report abug. Inquiries received directly from the app will be prioritized.
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-About the Game Action online RPG with ultimate graphics  [AVABELONLINE] AVABEL ONLINE is a 3D-MMORPG that delivers the best insmartphone graphics. Users can enjoy the games exhilaratingfeatures, such as smooth combo strikes, sequential attacks withjump action, etc in the same world. Enjoy hunting monsters andquests in the MMO field "Main Tower" (multiplayer field), or the"Dungeon" in the MO Field (Played by parties or by solo), the PvP(Player versus player), or the tower scramble where a max of 1000players fight each other in real time all with the best graphics.-------------------------------------------------------------------------[RECOMMENDED FOR THE FOLLOWING PLAYERS] --- Note this game can alsobe enjoyed for beginners!! - If it is the first time to play onlineRPGs - If you have played MMORPGs for PC but not for mobile and arelooking for a full scale 3D online RPG for smart phones - If youare looking for a free-to-play role playing game, or just craverole playing games - If you like fantasy games, or action games -If you want to experience exciting battles - If you have masteredmany RPGs in the past The game can be enjoyed for all players thatapply for the above. Build your parties and guilds and enjoy thereal time adventure as in online RPGs for FREE!------------------------------------------ ■Official Twitterhttp://twitter.com/AVABEL_EN ■Official Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/online.rpg.avabel/
[SF]Stellacept Online[MMORPG] 1.2.4 APK
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Get Star Gems(virtual currency) with our Share Campaign! *Deliveryperiod until 30 November 2018 16 Nonember 2018 Update ・New RankingEvent "A Dream of A Dragon and A Girl" released   During the event,  you can accept the quests relating   the Dragon and theMysterious Girl   from NPC Stanley in Vinculum Upper District. ・NewMap [Inside Cathedral 5th floor to 10th floor] has been added!  *New Monster [Cursed Type] appears!   *New Moonshine Weapon[Young Moon] and [Arrow Moon] ---- ★What is the free-to-play RPGStellacept Online★ Stellacept Online is a beautiful game in whichyou can inflict devastating combos by taping your screen at theright moment, or unleash a terrible power with the Burst Pointsearned by beating enemies. Chat in real time with other players tocooperate and to help each other!. Play as a soldier who fightsagainst the terrific Tarazed to save the people of Sadalsuud.Become strong by developing and evolving your Stella. ★Abouttransferring characters between Android devices★ Google IDs (GoogleAccounts) are used to verify the Android versions of StellaceptOnline. Setting up with a Google Account can restore your accountdata in the following cases: ・Synchronizing with a new device.・After having reinitialized your device, or after a breakdown.★Destroy your enemies with breathtaking combos and skills!★ Anintuitive battle system with an innovative combo system whichprovides a lot of freedom of action. Tap your screen at the rightmoment to trigger the special skills! ★Anyone can experienceexhilarating moments thanks to the Burst System!★ Unleash aphenomenal power by using the Burst Points collected by defeatingenemies and beat the mightiest monsters!-------------------------------------------- **Please note** ・Thisgame is to be used online. ・Loading times may vary depending on thedevice used. ・The game may not be available depending on certaincircumstances (eg: customer's network failure, emergencymaintenances). ・We please you to behave correctly and to not annoyother players while playing. ・Latencies and disconnections mayhappen in crowded maps. ・Please try the game for free to check itscompatibility with your equipment. ・If your device gets hot whileplaying, quit the game and check your configurations beforeresuming. ・We cannot provide support in case of using applicationwhich the manufacture does not guarantee operating, includingrooting/jailbreaking apps.-------------------------------------------- Stellacept Online, thefree-to-play SF/fantasy MMORPG with a stunning and kicky gameplay!
Aurcus Online MMORPG 3.0.8 APK
Asobimo, Inc.
◇◆Super exhilarating action with aerial combos! Online RPG (MMORPG) for smartphones "Aurcus Online"◆◇ Action RPG you can enjoyOnline on your smart device is right here! ◆Simple yet deep combatsystem Simple tap to release Skill plus the non-targeting systembrings freedom to combats. Combine the easy-to-control strikes andvarious Skills to finish the enemies in aerial combos! Experiencethe stimulation taking full control of your character, and theexciting realistic action combats! ◆Enjoy the PvP (Player VSPlayer) with your friends Arena feature where you fight against oneanother is available. It sure will be exciting to battle with thecharacter you have trained! Communicating with your friends usingthe Chat or Emotion feature will make the tactics even wider!◆World of adventure with infinite possibility New fields, jobs,etc. will be added from updates. The world of adventure willexpand, and will not end! ─────────── [Story] Levaria, the landprotected by the spirits. Countries have fought with swords andmagic for hundreds of years for their order and independence. A fewyears ago, the advent of the Dark Force brought further chaos tothe world. Nations were perished overnight and many towns wereinvaded. Not only monsters getting wild in various places but alsothe ancient beast is about to awake by the dark power of death. Tocope with the Dark Force, the alliance of the countries wasinevitable. However, the common enemy was not enough to wash awaythe grudges from the past. The Galleria Kingdom proposed thefounding of cooperative organization, and the conclusion of "BloodOath". That is an ancient spell that cannot be discarded even bythe destruction of the world. Thus, in the midst of the emergenceof the Dark Force and the discord of the countries, a statelessorganization- Sword of Aurcus was born. People start to gather tojoin the organization. And you are just one of them right now...─────────── [To Start the Game] Please read carefully and agree to"Terms of Use", "Terms of Use Violation" and "Privacy Policy" onthe RPG "Aurcus Online" official website, then please tap on the"Free App Download" banner to download the application. ───────────[Notes] Please contact us via Contact in the official website (seebelow) for requests or report of issues.http://aurcusonline.com/contact/ *We prioritize on reports thatcame via Contact. *Please note that you cannot play the gamewithout SD card, or with the card with insufficient space. *Largeamount of data will be downloaded on the initial boot up. Pleaseboot in the stable connection environment. ─────────── AurcusOnline http://aurcusonline.com/
RPG Ellicia Online 1.7.3 APK
Asobimo, Inc.
Full scale dark fantasy online RPG designed in a beautiful 3Dworld!Start your online RPG adventure with your mates from all overthe world!Ellicia Online is a MMORPG about the knights saving thevast beautiful world, the "Leeme Continent". You will be one ofthem knights. Many players will gather in this world with featuresto create mates and build parties to enjoy the adventure. Theplayers mission will be to defeat the monsters roaming in the landand to progress yourself as an adventurer.Various weapons, armors,items, magic, and skills will await you in your journey. Enhanceand grow them to proceed the full scale role playing game.The worldof Ellicia Online will expand with more maps and items. A time maycome to go to other countries out of the Ellicia kingdom, and morepowerful monsters will be waiting you!*MMORPG: Abbreviation for"Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game"--- StoryLeemeContinent, the land conquered by the dark forces, lead by theDevil. People were living in agony. But one day 12 adventurersstood up and defeated the devil...100 Years Later----The darkforces were still not extinct. People were hiding from the Mazokuliving in small areas to secure themselves.The Ellicia Kingdom,built by the "Blue Priest", one of the 12 adventurers that defeatedthe devil, was still not enough secured to protect the citizens.Thekingdom begins to recruit adventurers.And new systems such asfreedom of passage, and guarantees of status were considered toones that became official adventurers...--- "Society Function"addedThe Society is an association that guilds can join, whichhelps in creating special types of guilds. There are 4 Societies tochoose from.Guild skills can be obtained when joined to a Society.The skills that can be obtained will differ upon the Society youjoin. All guild members can use the guild skills.--- Ride your Petswith "Riding"There are options to ride pets in the vast world ofEllicia, which will increase your speed in moving. Also you canbattle monsters while riding.--- Choose and Change your Class!Youcan change to your desired class when you meet the conditions inthe Base Level and Job Level set for each class. Progress from anApprentice Adventurer to a Base Class and eventually to an AdvancedClass. Skill types will also be added.Choose your class type!Swordsman: Good at close combat using weapons such as swords.Archer: Good at far distance attack using weapons such as bows.Wizard: Uses magic attacks.--- Battle SystemBattles will occur inreal time, which you can attack monsters roaming in the fields.Various types of monsters await you. Some may attack you while youare walking and others may just stay still until you attack them.Progress being an adventurer battlingmonsters.─────────────────────[Check out our other games releasedfrom Asobimo!]--- [RPG IRUNA Online MMORPG] (Free to Play)Themasterpiece MMORPG "Iruna Online" played by one millionplayers.http://goo.gl/8HFhZ--- [Online RPG Celes Arca] (Free toPlay)Over 10 trillion dress patterns! OnlineRPGhttp://goo.gl/XlLo4--- [Ellicia Online] (Free to Play)Darkfantasy with great graphics! Adventure online role playinggamehttp://goo.gl/lNCc0--- [Aurcus Online] (Free to Play)Freecombat! Action and adventure fantasy MMORPGhttp://goo.gl/8KUJn---[Petit Chronicle] (Free to Play)Join the adventure with the cutestcharacters! Easy to play MMORPGhttp://goo.gl/ZqS2C--- [StellaceptOnline] (Free to Play)Exciting combat with high quality 3Dgraphics! Sci-Fi online role playing gamehttp://goo.gl/Rjwyow---[ONLINE RPG AVABEL] (Free to Play)Breath taking battles &Various Action! MMORPG with ultimate graphics forSmartphoneshttp://goo.gl/jPV7y--- [IZANAGI Online] (Free toPlay)State-of-the-art high quality graphics! Full 3D Online RPGhttp://goo.gl/0dFHa6
RPGステラセプトオンライン 1.20.23 APK
Asobimo, Inc.
◆全世界400万DL突破!!◆ ◆ゲーム紹介◆人々を暗黒の生命体から守る戦士として、強大な敵に挑むSFファンタジーオンラインRPG(MMORPG)あなたは惑星サダルスウドに生きる人々を救うヒューリア武鋭団の戦士となる。世界に息づく神秘の力「ステラ」を身にまとい、強大な敵「タラゼド」を打ち倒せ! ◆華麗なスキルで敵を圧倒! 爽快バトル!◆リアルタイムアクティブバトル方式を採用。 エネミーとの交戦では、互いのスキルが入り混じる。「バーストポイント」を用いて、潜在的な力の解放しよう! ◆ユーザー同士の同時協力プレイ!◆MMORPGとして、複数人同時プレイで、同じエネミーを打ち砕く!! チャットで情報共有、アイテムのトレードなど交流要素満載!!◆ハイクオリティな3Dグラフィックを体感!◆ スマホMMORPGトップクラスのグラフィック!ソロやパーティプレイ!多人数同時対戦対人バトル(PvP)をハイクオリティな3Dグラフィックで遊ぼう! ※MMO RPG:Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (大規模多人数同時参加型 オンラインロールプレイング ゲーム) ◆Android端末間でのキャラクター移行について Android版ステラセプトでは、『GoogleID(以下Google アカウント)』を用いた認証をおこなっております。・機種変更にともなう「新しいAndroid端末へのアカウント情報の同期」・ご利用端末の故障などのトラブルにともなう「端末の修理・交換」または「端末の初期化」などからの「アカウント情報の復元」Android端末へのGoogleアカウント設定を行うことで上記のケースにおきましても引き続きアカウント情報(キャラクター等)を継続利用が行えます。-------------------------------------------- **ご注意ください**・本作はオンライン専用です。 ・ご利用頂く機種により、実行速度が異なる場合があります。 ・通信状態や緊急メンテナンスなどでゲームへ接続がおこなえない場合がございます。 ・他のお客様とのトラブルにならないよう、 マナーを守ったゲームプレイをお願いします。・ゲーム内のキャラクターが集まる場所等で、混雑等による動作の遅延や一時的な切断が発生する場合があります。・ご利用の端末の動作に関しましては、ユーザー様ご自身のご利用環境にて  まず基本プレイ無料の範囲でご確認ください。・ゲームプレイ中に端末が高温になることがございましたら、一旦プレイを中断し、 コンフィグの内容などを見直したうえで、プレイの継続をご検討ください。 ・本アプリは、日本国内向けのサービスとなります。 日本国外からのご利用に関しましては、弊社はいかなる責任も負いかねますので、 あらかじめご理解ご了承くださいますようお願い申し上げます。-------------------------------------------- 【アソビモが配信中のオンラインゲーム】~全世界1000万人が遊んだ名作ファンタジー!~ ■イルーナ戦記 オンライン [IRUNA Online] (基本プレイ無料)http://goo.gl/8HFhZ ~個性豊かなアバター10兆通り!~ ■セレスアルカ オンライン[CelesArcaOnline] (基本プレイ無料) http://goo.gl/XlLo4 ~美麗ダークファンタジー!~ ■エリシア オンライン[Ellicia Online] (基本プレイ無料) http://goo.gl/lNCc0 ~攻撃が自由自在の爽快アクション!~■オルクス オンライン [Aurcus Online] (基本プレイ無料) http://goo.gl/8KUJn~かわいいチビキャラが大冒険!簡単アクション~ ■ぷちっとくろにくる オンライン (基本プレイ無料)http://goo.gl/ZqS2C ~爽快戦闘&超ハイクオリティ3D!SFファンタジー~ ■ステラセプト オンライン[Stellacept Online] (基本プレイ無料) http://goo.gl/Rjwyow~迫力バトル×多彩なアクション!美麗グラフィック!~ ■アヴァベル オンライン [AVABEL] (基本プレイ無料)http://goo.gl/jPV7y ~超ド級の爽快忍者アクション!~ ■イザナギ オンライン [IZANAGI Online](基本プレイ無料) http://goo.gl/0dFHa6 ~隠れて、投げる!爆弾バトル!~ ■BTOOOM!オンライン[btooom-online] (基本プレイ無料) http://goo.gl/UdjhnE ~自由を謳歌する正統派MMORPG!~■トーラム オンライン [Toram Online] (基本プレイ無料) http://goo.gl/KVJtU3~1人じゃない"YOME"との冒険!~ ■アルケミアストーリー [AlchemiaStory] (基本プレイ無料)http://goo.gl/Vf2NKg ◆ Over 4 million DL worldwide! ! ◆ ◆ Gameintroduction SF fantasy online RPG (MMORPG) challenging a mightyenemy as a warrior to protect people from dark life forms Youbecome a warrior of the heurian martial group that will save peopleliving on the planet Sadarusudo. Dressed in the mysterious power"Stella" that breathes worldwide, defeat the mighty enemy"Tarazedo"! ◆ Overwhelmed enemies with brilliant skills! Anexhilarating battle! Real time active battle method adopted. In thebattle with Enemy, each other 's skills are mixed. Let's releasethe potential force with 'burst point'! ◆ simultaneous cooperationplay between users ◆! As MMORPG, breaking the same enemy withmultiple persons simultaneously !! Information sharing in chat,trade of items, etc. Full of elements of exchange !! ◆ Experiencehigh-quality 3D graphics! ◆ Smartphone MMORPG top class graphics!Solo and party play! Play multi-player simultaneous battleinterpersonal battle (PvP) with high quality 3D graphics! ※ MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (large-scalemultiplayer simultaneous online role-playing game) About CharacterTransfer Between Android Terminals With Android versionStellercept, we use "Google ID (hereinafter referred to as" GoogleAccount ") for authentication. · "Synchronizing account informationto new Android terminal" due to model change · "Restoring accountinformation" from "terminal repair / exchange" or "terminalinitialization" due to trouble such as malfunction of the user'sterminal By setting up a Google Account on Android device, you cancontinue to use account information (characters etc.) continuouslyin the above case.--------------------------------------------------------------**Please be careful** · This work is online only. · Depending onthe model you use, execution speed may be different. · There aretimes when connection to the game can not be performed due tocommunication status or emergency maintenance etc. · To avoidtrouble with other customers, please play game that protectedmanner. · In the place where characters in the game gather etc.,delay of operation due to congestion etc. and temporarydisconnection may occur. · In regard to the operation of yourterminal, in the user's own use environment Please check first inthe range of basic play free. · If there is a possibility that theterminal will become hot during game play, Please reconsider thecontents of config and consider continuing play. · This applicationis service for Japan domestic. Since we can not assume anyresponsibility in regard to using from outside Japan, Pleaseacknowledge it beforehand for your understanding.--------------------------------------------------------------【Online game played by Asobimo】 ~ The masterpiece fantasy played by10 million people worldwide! ~ ■ Iruna Senki Online [IRUNA Online](basic play free) http://goo.gl/8HFhZ ~ Individual rich avatar 10trillion street! ~ ■ Ceres Alca Online [CelesArca Online] (basicplay free) http://goo.gl/XlLo 4 ~ Mirror dark fantasy! ~ ■ ElysiaOnline [Ellicia Online] (basic play free) http://goo.gl/lNCc0 ~Refreshing action with freedom to attack! ~ ■ Orcus Online [AurcusOnline] (basic play free) http://goo.gl/8 KUJn ~ Cute Chibi Charais a great adventure! Easy action ~ ■ Petit and Kurokuru online(basic play free) http://goo.gl/ZqS2C ~ Refreshing Battle &Super High Quality 3D! SF fantasy ~ ■ Stellacept Online [StellaceptOnline] (Basic play free) http://goo.gl/Rjwyow ~ Powerful battle Xvariegated action! 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