2.2 / May 3, 2018
(4.0/5) (28621)


Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d

App Information Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d

  • App Name
    Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    May 3, 2018
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Secure3d Studios
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Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d Version History

Select Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d Version :
  • 2.2 (13) - Latest Version
  • 1.6 (7)
  • 1.6 (7)
  • 1.5 (6)
  • Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d 2.2 APK File

    Publish Date: 2018 /6/21
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 32.0 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.1 (Nougat, API: 25)
    File Sha1: a85e0843a2cba67db569770e86598c206a447e40
    APK Signature: 9bce1f6af94e77a78d214a829de8447c2098a9c3
  • Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d 2.2 OBB Main File

    File Size: 90.2 MB
    Data: main
    Fetch Date: 2018/6/21
    File Sha1: 3312f72aec2c37fc49050a5cac0457b7a8c079e0
  • Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d 1.6 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /3/17
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 92.2 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API: 24)
    File Sha1: 1ee91441ce7e16d5fb6f3188dba2ecc5d90049b4
    APK Signature: 9bce1f6af94e77a78d214a829de8447c2098a9c3
  • Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d 1.6 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /3/23
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 92.2 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API: 24)
    File Sha1: 1ee91441ce7e16d5fb6f3188dba2ecc5d90049b4
    APK Signature: 9bce1f6af94e77a78d214a829de8447c2098a9c3
  • Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d 1.5 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /1/23
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 92.2 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API: 24)
    File Sha1: 6ffdeda4e54d154981d0f9b2938ec2c96e9b0346
    APK Signature: 9bce1f6af94e77a78d214a829de8447c2098a9c3

How to Install the OBB File (APK Expansion File)

  1. Firstly, Download APK file of the app Real Auto Crime Simulator 3d 2.2 for Android.
  2. Copy the APK file to your Android device's SD card and Install it. (Don't open it after installation)
  3. Download Obb files and copy the *.obb file named 'main.13.com.realgrandtheftautogangster.realgrandtheftautogangstercrimesimulator.obb' into the required location:
  4. The full/absolute path of the obb file should look like as the following (Case-sensitive):

    If there is no such location, you need to create the path or folder manually on your SD card.

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